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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Comments I have heard while 9 months pregnant

[Upon walking into a restaurant]
Peals of laughter from two women in the corner, followed by, "Oh no. Look at that. Not another one."

From a two-year-old, said while pointing at my belly: "Open. Open!" She then looked down my shirt to see if the baby could be seen from there.

This exchange with the guy who changed the oil in my car:
oil change guy: "So it's a boy?"
me: "Actually, we aren't finding out until the baby is born."
ocg: "Oh...sorry...then I won't tell you."
(he felt that it was clear to anyone by the way I'm carrying that it's a boy)

Man next to me in line in the grocery store (this comment was directed at my husband, even though I was standing right there).
"When she's driving on the freeway, can she drive in the carpool lane?"

Shouted at me by the woman working for the parks department as she emptied the trash can:
"So you're having a boy?"

Various neighbors, while making the sign for giant belly:

That's just a sampling from the last week. While I appreciate that this is a wonderful event that people are excited about, many times it seems that people are a little surprised to see something so giant and unwieldy walking around in broad daylight. Also, it goes against years of my training as a female to have people comment on how large I am. If you are a man, imagine people coming up to you all day and saying, "You really haven't set the world on fire with your career, have you?"

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