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Friday, August 19, 2005


Everyone I know has a big but. Let's talk about your big but.

As the first female poster, I'll start off with a very womynly topic. I'm nine months pregnant, so I feel a little TOO much like a woman these days. People stare at me as I walk by, I get unsolicited and vaguely threatening comments about how my life will change and the difficulty of labor, so I'm pretty much an uber-woman right now.

An article in Salon.com yesterday (http://www.salon.com/mwt/feature/2005/08/18/nike_ads/index.html) described the new Nike ad campaign, where women extol the virtues of their less-than-perfect body parts. The ad pictured in the article shows a butt that I THOUGHT was the ideal. The picture of the butt they show -- now that's not a fat butt at all! Who would object to that butt? Round, muscular, not the least bit saggy or flabby. It's the kind of butt Jessica Simpson allegedly padded her Daisy Dukes to get. I can get behind the idea of the Nike ad campaign -- that we need to celebrate our bodies in all of their flawed glory--but that's a fine-looking butt that I think most women would be thrilled to sport. And you know what? That's OK with me. I don't really want to see everyday American women in ads. I'm fine with having something to strive for.

What a great blog! If only you guys could write a post about how Iron Man died after being crushed by a big muscular female butt! Then I could die happy.


Sir Mixalot
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