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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Jack Kirby Haiku Wednesday

The King would have been 88 this past Sunday.

“Gone, gone, form of man
Rise the demon, Etrigan”
thus woke the devil

all creatures fear the
Ultimate Nullifier—
even Galactus

the comics moved on
so Jack went west, toward Thundarr
and Ookla the Mok

At least I'm not a nerd. Had to google Etrigan to find out he's D&D crap.
Hey, what a coincidence. I was just playing D&D with your mom last night.

Etrigan has nothing to do with D&D, at least for the purposes of this haiku. He's the star of the early 1970s DC comic book The Demon, written and drawn by Jack Kirby. All of these haiku are inspired by Kirby comics. But, not being a nerd, you obviously wouldn't know that.

In any event. if you have a problem with nerds, you are definitely at the wrong blog.
Jump back,Jack! The D&D crack was made by Anonymous Mother. I like it when you are self-righteously indignant!
Actually, I thought it might be you, A.M. Not that it tempered my righteous fury.
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