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Saturday, January 14, 2006


And Then There's This Guy

"Dad, how come Abe always gets on the site and not me?"

"Okay, Theo. Say something demented or scarily violent."


Okay, that conversation never happened. But it could have.

Scientist. Lego Engineer. Classic Comic Book Snob (Jack Cole Plastic Man, Little Lulu, Barks Ducks, Lee/Kirby FF). Outdoorsman. Weasel Lover. Race Fan. Transformer expert. Improv Dancer. Aspiring Violinist. My boy.


Why I Love The Internets

Say you love Llamasauarus, and Llamasaurus hears you. I just got a comment from, I assume, Barry Walker, lead singer of that band and currently with the Nashville-based group Iron Hee-Haw. Please check their site--the tracks available for download in the "Songs" section are excellent, with the same plaintive, slightly twangy vocal approach and distorted guitars that made me like him in the first place. Llamasaurus was pretty big with a number of us at the college station way back when, on the strength of tunes like "Remember Me" and "You Don't Love Me Anymore". It's cool to see the guy producing such good songs all these years later. Now all I need are emails from Nikki Parasite, the Groove Diggers and the Immaculate Hearts.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Out Of The Mouths Of Maniacs

"The Bhudda has sharp teeth," he says.

"Why?" I ask.

"For eating people. It's true."

Anyone but Abe, talk like that would be ascribed to feverish delusions. In this case, it is feverish delusions. A day later the lymph nodes on the sides of his neck are the size of golf balls. Two kinds of mononucleosis at once, which translates to listlessness, whining, baths at 1 AM to bring down fevers (check those cheeks on the Cat--that's not embarassment) and another week goes by without posting. The Cat is feeling a bit better now, but on doctor's orders he's stuck in first for at least a month while his spleen gets back into fighting trim. No cake in the tub, no balancing on a ball on one foot. He's free to say all the demented shit he wants, though. And he will.

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