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Saturday, January 14, 2006


And Then There's This Guy

"Dad, how come Abe always gets on the site and not me?"

"Okay, Theo. Say something demented or scarily violent."


Okay, that conversation never happened. But it could have.

Scientist. Lego Engineer. Classic Comic Book Snob (Jack Cole Plastic Man, Little Lulu, Barks Ducks, Lee/Kirby FF). Outdoorsman. Weasel Lover. Race Fan. Transformer expert. Improv Dancer. Aspiring Violinist. My boy.

He's my heart.
Theo added that he's a Yankee fan, but I think I'll let that little fact live here in the comments section.
good god, i hope he was just testing you with the Yankees comment. otherwise, well, you have failed as a parent.
It's all true. Theo is a Yankees fan, A) because his best friend at school has corrupted his mind and B) because it gets under my skin . He has a pinstriped jersey. A poster of Randy Johnson on his wall.

Still, for all that, I love him dearly.

(Which is why I'm giving him two years to straighten the fuck out, and then he's out on his ass. My love is hard and cold.)
He can come live with the grandmother who bought him the pinstripes.
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