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Monday, August 22, 2005


Mountain of Prejudgment

The New Pornographers' "Twin Cinema": The leadoff single is predictably awesome, and they killed at the show I went to in Northhampton in June (even without Neko Case present.) The record's out tomorrow. I wish it were today.

UPDATE: Pitchfork gives it a 9.0 and calls it their best record. Now I wish it came out yesterday.

Newt Gingrich's chances in 2008: He sums them up nicely himself:
"The sheer reality of the long war — I call it long war deliberately — (is) we're going to be fighting the irreconcilable wing of Islam for at least 50 to 70 years," Gingrich said in a speech to the National Press Club.
"And ... my biggest complaint is nobody has yet to stand up and say this is going to be really hard, this is going to take a long time," he added in response to questions after the speech.
Gingrich, 62, asked about his possible candidacy for the GOP presidential nomination in 2008, continued to encourage speculation. "Who knows? It's a long way from here," he said.
A vote for me is a vote for seven decades of brutal, unrelenting war between civilizations! Take that, Chuck Hagel. I think Newt looks in the mirror and sees Winston Churchill. I look at him and see a creepy, pudgy little asshole more responsible for the current sorry state of US politics than any other person alive. That he has taken to decrying "negative" politics makes me want to pee on him.

Kanye West's "Late Registration": Gold Digger + Diamonds (from Sierra Leone) + Sasha Frere-Jones New Yorker review + MTV interview = my $15.

Plastic Man Archives #7: One can safely expect this to entertain me and my six-year-old just as effortlessly as did the first six volumes. And just look at that cover up there. It rules.

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