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Thursday, August 18, 2005


Mr. West is a brave guy

Just looking at the news and saw a story about Kanye West - he's taped a special for MTV that includes his call for the hip-hop community to lose its homophobia. Given that he's got a new record about to be released, I think this is a pretty brave thing for him to do both in terms of his reputation and his wallet.

I'm actually pretty surprised my first post on here is about how impressed I am with someone. I figured I'd be complaining. Nice.

Oh, sure. Good blogger, bad blogger. Now I look like the one with rabies. I better post nothing but sunshine and flowers for a week, just so I don't look derranged.

This really is a bold move for West. Not too many hip hop artists in his position could or would stick their necks out like this on homophobia.
I thought your comments about 1975 were pretty positive, except for the whole "superman murdered green lantern and I love it" angle. That's kind of twisted.

Who knew we would set up a blog and then just write comments to each other? Perhaps it is a manifestation of the New Pointlessness?
I saw the interview this weekend. When he answered the question "Do you feel you were disloyal to Damon Dash" in the Dash/Jay-Z split with a "yes", then likened it to a kid's divided loyalites with his parents following a divorce, I was really impressed.
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