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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


My Demented Obsession

I have a somewhat embarrassing obsession with a local commercial radio station here in San Diego (www.fm949sd.com if you're curious). The reasons I'm embarrassed are several: I'm now old enough that I'm a fan of dj's who are in some cases my contemporaries, I have a bad habit of conducting email conversations with the mid-morning dj when I should be working, I have strong opinions about the relative quality of radio ads that no normal person should have, and I've come to like sublime enough to buy one of their cd's. I could go on (and probably will).

Embarrassment aside, this is most likely the coolest commercial station in the United States. They already played a song off of the New Pornographers album that will be released today and one day last week I heard both "uptown" off of Dirty Mind and "Gimme Danger" off of Raw Power within a few hours. Yes, occasionally I have to suffer through something by Incubus, but on the other hand the music director did once respond to my anti-Incubus emails with an admission that their lyrics were probably written down, eaten by the singer and then vomited back up only to be eaten again. It made sense at the time.

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