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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Number 1 Asian Big-Boob Queen

Okay, to get why this was the strangest phone call I've received in a loooong time, you have to know who Minka is. Those who have heard "Loveline", the nationally syndicated sex/drugs/love advice call-in radio show, may be familiar with the predilection one of the hosts, Adam Carolla, has for the porno films of a woman named Minka. Apparently she's been a guest as well and at some point in her appearance she pointed out that she is the "number one Asian big-boob queen." I'm willing to bet that English is not her first language and the accent makes this already impressive statement all the more entertaining. Anyhow, that's the background. I leave Minka's actual appearance up to your imagination or googling.

So, this afternoon I got a call from a guy asking if I had received a delivery sent by Minka from Hollywood. Visions of a giant Asian brassiere danced in my head. Actually, I said (cleverly), "What?" Then he asked to speak to Rosemary because the delivery was really for her. Now I knew I had gone crazy, because at 4 days old Rosemary is a little young to be accepting gifts from known pornographers. Next thing you know Karl Hungus will be coming over for play date!

Ultimately it turned out that we were the grateful recipients of a gift even better than a vast eastern hooter-holder. My mother-in-law's friends Kurt (works at Minka lighting) and Richard sent Rosemary what appears to be a lifetime supply of diapers via a carrier named "Hollywood". Very good service, by the way. If you're looking to send someone a pallet of diapers give them a call.

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