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Friday, August 19, 2005


Q: What If...

Answer: Iron Man would die. (And okay, he survives the end of #29, but that Michael Golden cover is so awesome I wanted to post it.)

WHAT IF #3 is an awesome story, though. Shooter/Kane at their finest. I can't speak for the others. But, yeah, they do kill off Iron Man a lot in WHAT IFs, I've noticed.

My guess? It's the mustache. I mean, seriously. If you saw a guy with a mustache like that in real life, you'd kill him, too.

The goatee Busiek gave him was even worse, though.

Worst Tony ever -- practically kneeling and giving Wolverine a hummer in some dreadful issue of NEW AVENGERS where he was trying to convince Logan to join the team.

I guess he really SHOULD die.

Since they won't let me write him, I mean.
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