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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


This Blog is Homo-Disastrous!

Let's start the proceedings with some Jack Kirby haiku:

Mountain of Judgment
built to hurtle the Zoomway
run, run you Hairies!

Like King Kirby sez:
Goody Rickles is here, man
don't ask, just buy it

Energy crackles
through cosmic machinery--
behold, Kirby dots

I think you're a mental case and your blog is silly. Blaggghhgghgh! You'll never uncover my identity! Ha aha aha hah ha ha.
Behold, Kirby Dots! would be a pretty good blog title in and of itself.

If I ever do another blog, I want to call it Marvelous Marno's Master Blaster!

Although that's actually an Englehart quote, from one of Steve E's Mr. Miracle stories.

But it SOUNDS Kirby.

I love me.
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