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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


1975: The Brave and the Bud

When I was 4, I didn't discriminate amongst superheroes. Comics, toys, beer pitchmen, as long as they had capes and big chins I was fucking there. These were two of my favorites. NerfMan, the greatest Nerf of all time, had a soft Nerf body and hard Nerf glider cape, so you could fly him into walls all day long and he'd bounce off none the worse for wear. I like the logo, which looks like a super happy nuclear explosion, but the coolest thing about him are those eyes. NerfMan clearly suffers no fools.
For his part, Bud Man looked to me a lot like Don Martin's Captain Klutz, and came to my attention via a sticker on the circuit box in the back office of my dad's service station. I think there was also a sawed-off shotgun back there, but the Bud Man is what captured my interest. Budweiser has since streamlined him, but the original clearly rules, a model of late 1960s/early 1970s advertising design.

Did you really have a NerfMan? I don't remember it, although you did have more toys than most stores.
Anonymous Mother
I actually had two NerfMans (NerfMen?) over the course of my childhood. I'd give away my favorite visor for another.
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