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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Jack Kirby Haiku Wednesday

Haiku "brain bombs" inspired by the comics of Jack "King" Kirby. Quality assured.

This week, a salute to the villainous conspiracies of Silver Age Marvel comics:

Hydra has many heads
cut one off, three more will rise—
rise to take its place

A.I.M.-bred, this Mental
Organism is Designed
Only for Killing

awake the Sleepers
evil constructs, five to fight
in the final war

Hey sexy:

I'm a Mental Organism Designed Only for Commenting Anonymously on your Blog!

Yours Truly,


Why have you retired from blogging? I think you were getting pretty good at it. It's really disappointing. You're letting the whole world down. The world needs poop stories!
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