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Friday, October 07, 2005


Death Row/What Magneto Know

I always thought of them as superheroes, anyway: Public Enemy is coming to comic books, in a title to debut at ComicCon in San Diego next summer. Via The Pulse.

Dr. Doom: Prepare to be crushed like the insignificant ants you are!

Flavor Flav: Ah ha, boyee! Bass for your face!

Dr. Doom: What impudence is this? Do I sense the malleable hand of that clown Richards in this pathetic mockery?

Chuck: Griff, sic the S1W's on him!

Griff: D, it's only a Doombot!

Dr. Doom: Of course, cretin. Did you think Doom so foolish as to let himself be manhandled by the likes of you? Wait, who--or what--is this?!!?

Chuck: Break him down with your hands, Terminator X!

Dr. Doom: It's time for me to exit.

Once Again / The Hulk is Incredible !

That's all I got.
But oh, Spencer Carnage, what you have is so beautiful!
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