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Friday, October 21, 2005


The Penultimate Judgment?

"While some parts of the blogosphere would like to try to make a candidate's reversal of tactical decisions a penultimate sign of "trustworthiness" vs "untrustworthiness," the real penultimate sign of backbone, spine, "trustworthiness" and "straight shooting" is on the issues."

The above quote is by paleo, a diarist at the liberal myDD.com. I don't know paleo, and I don't know whether Sherrod Brown or Paul Hackett is a better Dem candidate for OH senate, the writer's topic. I do know that "penultimate" means next-to-last, not "super-ultimate" or whatever paleo thinks it means.

That's all.

Oh wait, I almost forgot: Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

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Geez, dude. I was thinking 'man, I leave him alone for a couple weeks, come back, it's all new stuff and he's got no comments. Honey, we're needed.' But then I look at the music thing featuring nobody I ever hoid of except the fuckin GROOVY GHOULIES for the love of christ, and you got TWENTY FIVE COMMENTS, and, well, okay, I guess the oppressed peoples of Liberia need me and my super powers more.

Still, it's nice to see new stuff here. Enjoyed the Kirby haiku. I've discovered a lot of people misusing 'penultimate'; it's practically a meme. And the Santa note is awesome. I want all that stuff, too. Plus an XBox 360 and a couple o' the FF Masterworks editions.
Okay. I had traveled backwards in time and I did not realize it.

I must use these powers only for good.
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