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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


White Sox a lot, Red Sox much less.

This is merely a test, as I am new to this thing. Just want to see what it looks like, figure out how to do the basics, etc.

This is how to link to giant squid? Got it.


I will soon ramble about something.

Like having to move on short notice. It's no fun, kids.

Beep boop bop boop beep (I *am* the droid you're looking for, big boy).

PS: Why do you love Whitesnake so much?
I do love you, R2, but you really can't come close to the love and satisfaction I can receive from a giant squid.

Blog rules require you to answer the Whitesnake question.
Why do I love Whitesnake so much? This reveiw of their recent Hartford show says it all...

The Hartford, CT Show
Friday night's show at the Webster was definitely a show that'll go down in the History books. I can't get over the performance these fine artists put forth. The youth and energy in the band was incredible. And of course David Coverdale, "David if you're reading this" you performed like you were 25 again, you rocked. You smelled our friend Mary's rose that she threw on stage, that really made her night. When I took my homemade Whitesnake rocks shirt off to show the band, David Coverdale told me I rocked. I'll never forget that. I especially love the drum solo, I never saw a man play the drums barehanded. All I have to say is, that was by far the best show I ever saw. I'll never forget it. Thank you guys for keeping rock alive.

Reviewed by Mike McGrath

I could have written this, except "my friend Mary's rose" would instead my "my stinky-assed tightie-whities." Good times indeed.
Matt, you rock, and I hope you never forget it.

And of course, David Coverdale.
That's a lot like the review I wrote of Eek-A-Mouse for "Bongo Times" magazine.
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