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Thursday, January 05, 2006


3rd Birthday Instructions

Abe was very particular about his cake specs this year. It had to fit in with the overall Wizard of Oz theme, and it had to scream "Go Away!" If he had the vocabulary, I'm sure it would have been a "fuck off and die" cake. There's always next year.

Dave wanted to know if any of the children at the party were scared by the cake. No, but I think some of the parents might have been.

I was scared. Even though it was a Wizard of Oz party, I asked if the cake was Brainiac, I am too dumb to live.
At one point, however, he wanted a supervillain party, so it might have worked either way.
I am picking up a definite brainiac vibe. Maybe brainiac 3. Somewhere between the total baldness of brainiac and the nice stevemartinesque hair of brainiac 5. Brainiac 2-and-a-half?
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