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Monday, January 23, 2006



That's what a month's worth of comic books costs me these days, with a 15% discount and absent any trade paperbacks, hardcovers, or pricey once-every-three-years altcomix. Picking up my expensive wad of paper on Saturday, I actually looked at the individual prices on some of these things for the first time in years. How can Infinite Crisis cost four dollars? More importantly, how could I be four issues in without knowing that? I've been on purchasing autopilot for too long, it seems. As Tim O'Neil has pointed out, the high profile books (In my newest stack that would be Green Lantern, Infinite Crisis, All-Star Superman and All-Star Batman) now use the same glossy cover stock as porn magazines. Is that what the extra dollar is for?

Still, for their cost, many superhero comics are entertaining these days. I'm only a few books into the pile, but already I've been greatly amused by a book-length, "sexy" version of Miss Piggy going into crazy karate mode on Doc Hopper's men (All-Star Batman and Robin #3); a nice surpirse in Simone Bianchi's gorgeous fill-in art job on Green Lantern #6; an issue of Planetary where Warren Ellis puts to the test the notion that he can make tedious exposition into compelling reading; and Grant Morrison's superb All-Star Superman.

By the way, this is not a comic book blog. Crazed ramblings of a three-year-old to resume shortly.

This isn't a comic book blog? Then why do I stop here? By the way, you got me beat, cole. My weekly comic book bill is somewhere between 20 to 25 dollars.
Well, it's not *only* a comic book blog. It's funny, when I started this I assumed most of the posts would be comic-related. But then other interests found their way in--politics, whacked-out kids, rock and roll. Besides, it's a group blog, and Dave, Hilary and Matt can write about whatever they want.

That $65.37 for the month is actually on the low side for me. I usually have at least a couple of trades which bump the cost up--a Little Lulu or an Essential Marvel, a high-brow graphic novel from Fantagraphics, Drawn & Quarterly or Top Shelf. And a few times a year I spring for a DC Archives.
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