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Thursday, January 05, 2006


Admin Functions

Turn your attention to the new links at the left.

David Campbell's "Dave's Long Box" dumpster dives through mouldering old comics, many of them uttery horrible specimens from the 1980s, and comes up with comedy gold.

The Comic Treadmill is a catchall comic essay site, with comments on old and new books--the recent atention paid to old Bob Haney-written issues of Brave & the Bold has been comforting to me.

Jim Roeg writes very smart, in-depth essays on superhero comics with titles like "On Christmas: An Athiest Reads Daredevil #253".

The Comics Curmudgeon is devoted to mocking horrible newspaper comic strips, which at this point is almost all newspaper comic strips.

On the political side, I've added firedoglake, one of the best-written leftwing blogs thanks to Jane Hamsher, and Crooks and Liars, which houses all the best TV clips pertaining to politics. At least the ones that reveal Republicans, and the media that covers them, as craven hypocrites. More political links when I get a few minutes.

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