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Monday, January 30, 2006


Better Late Than Never, I Guess

Always remember...

Please be gentle on the crappy Photoshop job. It was my first time.

Dude, I think you might have inspired me. What exactly is a meme?

I'll have to make some.

And it's not that bad of a photoshop job.
Photoshop? Jeez. And here I've been doing mine in Paint (and resizing them with IrfanView.)
Well, actually, I started it in Quark Express then imported it into Photoshop, cropped it and saved it as a jpg. With some serious hand-holding from an art director. I've worked in advertising for more than a decade as a writer, and I only know the bare minimum of Microsoft Word that I need to get by. The art programs are a complete mystery.
I still don't get it. What does this have to do with Wildcat? Is Forgetful Jones dating him and then he forgot Wildcat's birthday and hilarious complications ensue?
Always remember Forgetful Jones can't, um, remember. it's meta. Or maybe it's just stupid.
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