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Thursday, January 05, 2006


Not Dead, Just Distracted

Who has time to blog when there's sudoku to be played? Literary novels about Superman to be read? Gilmore Girls DVDs to be watched? Girl group box sets to be marveled at? Ice skating to be done? Rice and bean recipes to be made? Lego dinosaurs to be assembled? Wizard of Oz themed birthday parties to be decorated? Month-old dog shit to pick out of the snow in the backyard? Evil, imperialistic governments to fear and hate? Ice hammers to be purchased?

Not me, that's who.

But you should:

Give a listen to Otter Pop Radio, dj'ed by our very own Mattie. I assume this endeavor is why he's only had time to post here like once. Not that I'm complaining. Buckets of the twee-est twee with some delicate indie pop and synth gently mixed in just to break up the twee. Listen to more than ten minutes and you will be so sensitive that strong winds will bruise your skin. But it's nice and you will like it.

Buy the new book Makers by my friend Bob Parks. It's a handsome collection of profiles of backyard inventors and their homemade gadgets. It also happens to be researched, in part, by my wife, the lovely and talented Mrs. Mountain. Which probably isn't the best nickname for her, now that I think about it.

Ponder the insight of Vermont governor Jim Douglas, who introduced his sham of an insurance reform plan (with deductibles so high that it would be useless to many of the poor people it ostensibly serves) with the brilliant observation: "I really believe the most common reason people don't have coverage is they can't afford it." What a maverick. I bet he dares to keep his kids off drugs.

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