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Thursday, January 26, 2006


Unbelievable... but true!

San Diego's only Guided By Voices tribute band, The Fading Captains, is playing Scolari's Office tonight.

I think everything you can think of exists somewhere.

My father-in-law says that whatever idea you come up with, whatever thing you like, there already exists a club in New York City devoted to it.

A GBV tribute band is pretty impressive though.

I'm holding out for a Transmisia tribute act. "The Mincing Machines" maybe.
Pretty sweet name, The Fading Captains. I think the easiest band to name would be a T. Rex tribute act.
Electric Warriors, I presume?

There's also:

Tyrannosaurus R.
Zip Gun
The Children of Rarn
20th Century Boys
Children of the Revolution
Spaceball Ricochet
Dandys in the Underworld
Jungle Face Jake!

"tyrannosaurus r." is the best.
T. You.
"No matter where you go . .there you are." ~Buckeroo Banzai
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