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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Black Sweat

New Prince released yesterday at iTunes, yet another "return to form" but this time it really just might be despite all the CLEAN LYRICS logos all over the thing. The live instrumentation funk pop classisist Prince is thankfully absent on this track, replaced by the long-missing robot sex weirdo Prince we've all pined for. Yes, U pined 2, don't try 2 deny it. Not strong on melody, but sometimes melody just has to go CLEAN LYRICS itself. Whatever its merits, the song has generated the dumbest review ever:
Funky sound, but I'm not buying his whole James Brown impersonation. It is just a little too much and seems an easy rip off. But then again, the charismatic Prince has never had a real knack for innovation. (emphasis mine) Instead he has surrounded himself with quality musicians that have added a magic touch to his music, including Wendy & Lisa and Candy Dulfer.
Gold, that is. Watch the highly amusing video here.

At this moment there are two Prince cds in my car from his piggy days and they R GR8!! And I'm only 58 years old.
Check out the video if you can. Prince rolls his eyes! Prince reads a magazine! Prince drinks tea! Prince stands around not sweating even a little bit while a curvaceous young woman wriggles around!
more importantly have you heard willie nelson's new single cravenly cashing in on the brokeback phenom?

astonishingly, it's way sexier than anything prince has done lately.
That's another song I stumbled across the day it was released on itunes, and yeah, it is pretty great. (There's a surprisingly high number of good singles out now.)

I'm not bothered by the calculation of the decision to release the song on the heels of Brokeback. What the hell, the guy's earned the right to do whatever he wants, and the world could always use more gay cowboy songs. I read that he recorded the tune a year ago after his longtime tour manager came out to him, to let him know he was cool with it. I'd love to hear the earlier Pansy Division version.
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