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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I Need To Do A Better Job Of Doing A Better Job

Is the Democratic leadership brain-damaged?(NYT, reg. req.) With their best electoral opportunity in years, why are they essentially setting up for their concession speech 9 months ahead of the election? What in the name of fuck is so hard about actually, simply being who you constantly tell voters you want to be?

Sen. Chris Dodd on the health of the Democratic party:
"A lot worse than it should be. This has not been a very good two months. We seem to be losing our voice when it comes to the basic things people worry about."

Sen. Barack Obama:
"I think that two-thirds of the American people think the country is going in the wrong direction. They're not sure yet whether Democrats can move it in the right direction. We have been in a reactive posture for too long. I think we have been very good at saying no, but not good enough at saying yes."

Evan Bayh on national security:
"I think the Republicans are ripe for the taking on this issue, but not until we rehabilitate our own image. I think there's a certain element of denial about how we are viewed, perhaps incorrectly but viewed nonetheless, by many Americans as being deficient on national security. As Democrats, we have a patriotic duty and political imperative to lay out our ideas for protecting America. Frankly, our fellow citizens have doubts about us. We have work to do."

John Edwards:
"What the American people are hungry to hear from us is, what is the difference? What will we do? How will we deal with the corruption issue in Washington? How will we deal with the huge moral issues that we have at home? This is a huge opportunity for our party to show what we are made of."

Get off the fucking couch, guys. Stop telling everyone what you ought to tell them, and just tell them. Hey, Barack, has it occured to you that by continuing to wallow in this pointless self-analysis in the pages of the Times, that you're still being completely reactive? You folks are wasting time that you could spend putting into practice all the shit you wring your hands over. You're wasting the country's time. You're wasting my time, not to mention the money I forked over to the DNC last week. The only way to break your addiction to these navel-gazing, self-deprecating process pieces is to go cold turkey. Every time you feel compelled to explain to people that you know you suck, but you also know that you have to do or say something to convince them that you don't suck, zap yourself in the genitals with a taser. The only result of this kind of bullshit is to convince voters that you're as calculating and insincere as Republicans say you are. You sound like they've broken you, broken your party so that all you know how to do is fight each other over who can do a better job of demonizing your own left wing, and maybe Master won't beat you so hard next time, even though you know deep down that you deserve it.

Or maybe Paul Craig Roberts is right, and Bush simply has pictures of all of you choking on dick, along with logs of all your visits to goat porn sites.

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