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Monday, February 13, 2006


The New D(ick) C(heney)—There's No Stopping Him Now

VP Cheney prepares to go hunting.

VP Cheney is startled by a quail.

Fellow hunter Harry Whittington fails to follow proper ettiquite.

VP Cheney garnishes Whittington's face neck and chest
with fresh ground pepper, knocking him silly.

Close Cheney friend and hunting partner Katherine Armstrong
informs the local press 22 hours after the incident.

VP Cheney, at an undisclosed location, cannot be reached for comment.

Your kung fu is better
AHAHAHAHHAHAH. That is indeed perfect. Full marks, cole, full marks.
Thank you! It's nice to know a copy line I wrote 20 years ago can be used to stick it to Dick Cheney today!
Well, the cover with the bottles certainly turned out to be appropriate.
Hey! This Jonah Hex gag was prophetic! Look at Whittington; who does he resemble now?
Frankly, he resembles *me* now. Damn broken nose. Never break your nose when you have a cold. Plan to do it when you are feeling very clear-sinused.
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