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Monday, February 20, 2006


No, Thank You, Fred

Unlike many fans, I don't have a lot of original comic art--but the few pieces I do have I treasure. I already talked about my Joe Kubert sketch a few months back. Today it's cartoonist and ace #1 comic book fan Fred Hembeck. Like the Kubert (and my Chuck Jones Bugs Bunny) this sketch was unsolicited, which makes it cooler. A couple of years ago Fred mentioned on The Comic Treadmill that of all the DC comics collectibles he had, he had never heard the immortal Songs and Stories of the Justice League record. I sent him a copy, and a month or so later, he sent me this in return. It's awesome...( I particularly like the Flash and GL) and best of all it's ready for coloring!

Not bad, cole.
Cool beans.
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