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Friday, March 10, 2006


Happy Friday

I listened to "I Was Born In A Laundromat" by Camper Van Beethoven 4 times in a row on my headphones.

I finished every last one of my writing assignments, at work and home.

A client approved an ad I liked.

Matt and I are maybe a week away from mailing out the first monthly volume of the 24+ CD early 90s altrock complilation series we've been working on for months.

My three-year-old spends all day dressed as Superman, yelling "Wex Wuta" when he punches me.

My seven-year-old is a decent violinist and a great dancer.

I have two new issues of Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers waiting for me at the comics store.

Anne and I are going to watch at least 3 episodes of Battlestar Galactica tonight. And she's more excited about it than I am.

It does indeed sound like a good friday, Cole.
Life doesn't get much better than that.
When Theo and I were playing foot fight on the couch Sunday morning, Abe sat between us, under my legs. He wailed away on my stomach with his little fists and when I asked, "Why are you punching Grandma, Abe?, he responded, "I just like to punch." I said "O.K."
Hey, Cole! I woke up thinking of you & Anne and how long it's been since we last spoke. Googled your name and up popped your blog! Drop me a line if you get the chance: janetfreeman@gmail.com

I had a baby girl last fall!

Take care,
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