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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Moral Clarity

In the wake of the new book that seemingly proves Barry Bonds' heavy steroid use from at least 1998 to 2002, ESPN's Tim Kurkjian says the slugger "will be labelled a cheater and a liar for the rest of his career, and the rest of his life." So how does this affect Bonds' Hall of Fame vote from Kurkjian?
...if he did five years of rampant steroid use out of jealosy for Mark McGuire as opposed to staying healthy so he could help his team win, then he's very very close to losing my vote.
So bottom line, while Bonds is a cheater and a liar who betrayed his team, cheapened the game and sold out his fans for phony personal glory, by Kurkjian's own admission, and despite the overheated language, the sportscaster would still vote him into the Hall. I mean, dude, look at his numbers!

Just don't get a parking ticket, Barry, or you could be very, very, very close to losing your vote with Kurkjian.

I hate Bonds' guts and hope he doesn't pass Aaron's record, but what I've been hearing in the past few days is that his stats from 1986-1998 are good enough to get him in, despite what he may have done after that. I think that's a weak argument because of how he tarnished those stats from 1999 on, but that's the argument a lot of writers will make, probably.
Pete Rose's stats before he got busted for gambling were enough to get him in too.

I'm actually not that concerned with whether Bonds makes the Hall of Fame. There are already steroid freaks and quite a few other horrible men enshrined there. Voters do backflips in order to justify their choices. I just find Kurkjian's hollow hyperventilating ridiculous. If he's going to moralize in such heighened terms, at least have the fucking guts to follow through to the logical conclusion.
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