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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Real Letter

Ever wonder if someone watched Footloose and disagreed with the point of view of the Kevin Bacon character? This letter appeared in the Monday 4/10/06 Union Tribune, and it is awesome.

Move youngsters off the dance floor
Regarding "Ballroom, classroom/Dance lessons helping kids with social skills, self-esteem" (News, April 4): Ballroom dancing classes for 10-to 12-year-old elementary school students: Was this program dreamed up by educators who thought our youngsters were not getting sexually active early enough? This idea ranks right up there with making P.E. classes optional, and then wondering why so many of our young people are getting obese! Three cheers for the educational establishment!
San Diego

Because, clearly, "freak dancing" is totally on that curriculum.

(Ahh, the insanity of the opinion page...)
Generally speaking I love letters to publications. The only people motivated to write care a LOT. This is particularly amusing when reading angry letters to Entertainment Weekly. How dare you minimize the genius of Mariah Carey!

I don't think "ballroom" means what Tom B. seems to think it means.
Perhaps Tom B. knows something we don't; for instance, that the dance instructor is a moonlighting Republican DHS employee.
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