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Thursday, April 20, 2006


Speechless in Stars Hollow

One of the best plotted, written and acted shows on TV over the past six years, Gilmore Girls will be back next year for one last season on the new CW network, but now, officially, its creators won't. Dave and Hilary got me into this show a couple of years ago, and I loved it so much I bought every season on DVD. Frankly, it's hard to imagine the show not sucking without the people who invented it. (Although some feel it started sucking this year.)

Gilmore Girls is all about tone--a tone unique to Amy Sherman-Palladino--and anyone else trying for the same pop culture obsessed, million-words-a-minute is just faking. Some of the writers fake it better than others, but none of them ever really capture that voice.

Sherman-Palladino always said she had a plan for the end of the series, and that the final scene was already worked out. I wonder how closely the new show runner (Dave Rosenthal, a writer and producer on the series, will take over, according to reports) will stick to that plan, if at all.

I'm hoping someone will finally have the guts to confront the issue of Rory's hunchback. If I got the writing gig after Amy, I'd definitely make Rory drop out of Yale again and come back to Stars Hollow to become the town bell-ringer.

Or I'd have her cure cancer. One or the other.
I think the new show runner is credited with the script for this week's episode. You'll have to tell me if it's any good.

The internets are aflame with rumors that the season-ending cliffhanger is miserable, and will alienate longtime fans. If so, some may be just as happy to see AS-P and her husband go, hoping that new staff will "fix" things. I never thought Dan Palladino's scripts were all that great, so there's potneital for some improvement there.

Even if next season is a failure, I'm thinking it will be interesting to see them try. Will quality *really* plummet? Will everything ring false? If so, will it be beause the writers are screwing up, or simply because fans know the series creator isn't calling the shots? Will the actors exert more creative control? (I read somewhere that Lauren Graham felt Lorelai should ultimately end up with Christopher.) As we know, I'm a pathetic completist. No matter what happens, the only certainty is that I will buy the eventual DVD set.
THIS from a man who doesn't own a TV!

I would like to see a spin off with Paris, Mrs. Kim, and Kirk in a Three's Company type scenario.
I don't need a TV. I am a TV.

I want Stars Hollow R.F.D. Is Ken Berry dead? (Doesn't really matter.)
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