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Tuesday, April 11, 2006



Last night as I was putting Abe to bed, he laid his hand gently on my arm and whispered "Dad."
"Yes, dear?" I replied, gazing over from the storybook, running my hand through his hair.
He looked up at me. "Dad, I like you some. I don't love you."
"Honey," I said, "Daddy doesn't like to hear that."
"But I like you a little."

This morning he ran around the table waving a plastic hammer, yelling at me "Be Odin! Be Odin!"

And two days ago in the bath he announced to the world:

"My penis is a gun! In the shape of a penis!"


What have you been reading to your son? Aside from old issues of Thor comics... Nothing wrong with it; just curious. ;)
Because "Daddy, I want a glass of milk" has low entertainment value, Abe comes across here as more demented than he actually is. A good 37% of the things he says aren't insane. For the blog, I focus on the 63% that is, IMO, comedy gold. While Abe is somewhat unique, many children of that age make truly strange pronoucments; if they uttered the same things as adults, they would be institutionalized. In the same bath Abe also decided that he has a cannon that shoots pasta.

Abe picked up the Thor stuff by osmosisr. The only comics I've read to him have been Silver Age Superman and some Little Lulu. His typical reading includes your Seuss, Eric Carle, etc. although he has developed the patience for chapter books of late. I have been reading all of L. Frank Baum's Oz books to him--we just finished the seventh, The Patchwork Girl of Oz. Anne is reading him the Little House series, currently on Farmer Boy.

Theo, age 7, is getting the serious comics education: we're elbow-deep in our chronological reading of the Marvel Age of Comics, by way of the Essential reprints (I have almost all of them). We began with FF #1 from 1961, and we're just starting July of 1964. last night we read Avengers #6. We're also reading the Harry Potter books, now on book #3.
Is Osmosisr the name of Thor's mystic can opener?
Verily. I have spoken!
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