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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Thursday In The Park With Abe

"Hey, kid, what's your name?"

"My name's Sebastian."

"My name's Abe. Let's play!"


"Do you want to pretend to kill my mother?"


Abe looks like Julia Roberts in that wig. He sounds like psycho-toddler.
Question: What does Abe's mother think of this?
Straightforward answer:

Anne thinks that Abe is the sweetest, funniest kid in the world (in a tie with his 7-year-old brother.) And she's right. Abe has a wide-ranging imagination--he loves to play dress-up, and pretends to be Tarzan, Peter Pan, the Tin Woodman, Superman, Batman, Pa Ingells from the Little House books and about a million other characters, often all in one afternoon. Like many 3-year-olds, he's also fascinated by morbidity, and is constantly testing the strength of his relationships--hence the curiosity about death, and telling us he "hates" us as much as he tells us he loves us. In the space of 30 seconds this morning, apropos of nothing, he called his brother his best buddy, said he loved him, and also that he didn't like him. Abe essentially starts talking when he wakes up at 6 a.m., and only stops talking when he falls asleep at 7 p.m. In that running monologue there are typically one or two demented comments every day.

That I tend to choose the Abe comments I do says *far* more about me than it does about him.
Ahh. Nifty.

By the way, that was just a question borne of the curiousity of a person who doesn't spend much time around young children. Not meant to be accusatory. Hope it didn't come across as such.
That's okay. Anyway, I only said those things above because Abe was holding me at knifepoint.
Knifepoint. You got him that new Fisher-Price model, right? ;)
And then there are the truly marvelous non-sequiturs that don't just make disturbing snese, but which disturbingly make no sense.

My favorite from my own little guy (back when I had one -- he's 17 now) was, "You are a little bag of santa clauses!"
I... REALLY... dig your blog.

Found my way here from Tom Peyer's blog. I've actually had two conversations with Tom, back when he and I both lived in Syracuse, and in an alternate world, I hooked up with Roger Stern instead of him and I'm living his life and he's living... well, not mine, because a less strong man cursed with mine would just have killed himself in the 90s, but, still. Something.

Anyway, I really enjoy your blog and will look in often. I'd love it if you'd link to mine. I talk about comics, HeroClix, and politics in about equal amounts. Sometimes. Sometimes I just babble about my girlfriend and her kids. But she's and they are great, so, you know.

How do you get by without word verification? Don't you get comment thread spammed like an insane midget?
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