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Monday, May 15, 2006


Help Me Get Hip, Assuming That's Even Possible

I'm often at least a year behind what the cool kids are listening to. The trip to WRMC, with all those cool albums in the new bin, inspired me to turn from the college nostalgia I've been mired in for months to newer music. This week I'm playing catch-up to the tune of maybe 4 CDs, but I can't make up my mind. Please help me pick 4 from the following options:

Apologies to the Queen Mary--Wolf Parade
Chutes Too Narrow--The Shins
Broken Social Scene--Broken Social Scene
Funeral--The Arcade Fire
Catch/Release--The Rakes
Illinois--Sufjan Stevens
A Grand Don't Come For Free--The Streets
Separation Sunday--The Hold Steady
I Am A Bird Now--Antony & The Johnsons
Fox Confessor Brings The Flood--Neko Case
Everything All The Time--Band of Horses

Any other reccomendations are welcome. For conext, my most recent acquisitions include My Morning Jacket, Gnarls Barkley, the Go Team, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Built to Spill, the new Neil Young, Springsteen and Gomez.

Oh, man, no. You want to be really and truly hip? buy the CD reissue of Marlena Shaw's California Soul. or the Sly Stone "High on You" import. Basically, just do your shopping at dustygroove.com.

Sorry for being loathsome. You may now return to your regularly scheduled Arcade Fire.
Thanks for the link, that stuff looks great.

I shouldn't have said "hip" when I meant "last year's trendy". That's what I'm really aiming for. I've been up to my neck in Count Basie imports and college rock oldies for months and now I want to know what the kids are listening to yesterday.

The Rhino Girl Group boxed set is the last thing I heard that really blew my mind, particularly the stuff that ended up as Northern soul staples, such as Chris Clark's "Love's Gone Bad".
"Illinoise" is really, really good. Heard a few tracks from "Funeral", it sounds pretty good too.

Those two get my votes - I'm not too steady on any of the others. The newest Bloc Party CD is awesome, though, and Guero (Beck's latest, from last year...) is bitchin. So there you go.
OK, duly noted. Have you tried LCD Soundsystem? Fiery Furnaces?
When I visted him last summer, Dave hooked me up with the LCD--as well as the Futureheads, You Are Free by Cat Power and best of all, the Faces box set.
I'm with you, anonymous, I think Guero is Beck's best album since One Foot in the Grave.
I liked I am a Bird Now. Creepy but exciting vocals.
I have Chutes Too Narrow and Funeral. Both are recommended. The others I just don't know.
Now it can be revealed:

I went for the Arcade Fire, Shins, Wolf Parade and Broken Social Scene. Anne got me the Neko for my birthday, and DJ Prof. Tim says he can put me in touch with the Streets and Sufjan Stevens recordings.

Thanks for the advice, and keep it coming. God knows I need the help.
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