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Thursday, May 04, 2006


Not working

No, the title is not a comment on the fact that I am writing this while my employer pays me to do something else.

It's really about this:
Sometimes I see or hear an advertisement that makes me wonder how anyone ever could think the ad is going to help sales of the product. I'm sure there's some ridiculous rationale, but in the case of this ad, I'm actually scared to watch it again:


Makes me want a pet giant ant, actually. Not the gum so much, but the ant would be fun.
Aren't you scared of being pulled into a hole and torn to pieces!?!

My dog never does that to me.
Well, clearly, the guy in the commercial made two mistakes. He didn't properly socialize the ant, and then he got it hooked on gum that loses its flavor after five minutes of chewing.
That creepy beard ad is no prize either. I'm not sleeping tonight!
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