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Friday, June 30, 2006


Lee Siegel Vs. Ball Caps In the World Series Of Love

Via Steve Gilliard, The New Republic's culture writer Lee Siegel, fresh off his battle with the "hard fascism" of the left-wing blogosphere, has found a new enemy:

Siegel V. Baseball Caps
Oh how I hate these things. I didn't mind them when a few people wore them. Then it served as the rudimentary expression of taste, or as the vague outline of identity. But soon everyone began putting them on their heads. It's gotten so black kids from the ghetto have to wear them with the bill pulled down over their eyes just so they won't be mistaken for yuppie bankers.

The baseball cap's insinuation that life is a game with transparent rules gets to me. Also the insinuation that by wearing a baseball cap in inappropriate situations--like indoors--you have what it takes to break the rules and win the game. And I'm bothered by the herdlike nature of the baseball-cap trend mixed with its affectation of insouciance. The baseball-cap people want to have the lofty cool indifference of an aristocrat, yet their need to have it in the standard approved way makes them anything but cool and indifferent.

But the baseball cap signifies, most of all, a lazily defiant casualness. It's less insouciant than I-don't-give-a-shit. I have an inborn antagonism toward any type of hierarchy, but I think natural elegance is the best reply to assigned status, not sloppy rebellion. Wearing your standard-issue baseball cap in a restaurant isn't a blow for egalitarianism; it's a hopelessness about the possibility of originality ever to fly in the face of hierarchy. It also gives the impression of someone whose ego is angrily planted on his head. NO, I won't take it off!When I see someone wearing a baseball cap in a movie theater, I want them to bring back the guillotine.
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WOW! Great thread- I have laughed so long and hard at this list of topics my eyes have become teary and my nose runneth over.
But who would imagine a New York writer would be so shallow and vacuous as do a column bitching about folk wearing baseball caps...
All this while the Christopaths simultaneously deny and excuse the widespread torture of prisoners and wanton killing of women and chidren by (our) troops.
Which "our" troops? Our troops who sometimes hit the wrong target, or our glorious holy warriors who stone women for being rape victims or trying to go to school?
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