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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Seven Soldiers #1 Rescheduled

New release date: 1963

...or September, whichever comes first.

I've never been bothered by these kinds of delays before; Planetary, From Hell, ACME Novelty, Eightball, All-Star Superman, I usually figure good comics take as long as they take. Even the greatest funnybooks are not exactly life's biggest priority.

But September? (After already being pushed from April to June.) That's five months. This couldn't have been planned any better?

Ah, well. At least the thing is 99.9% guarranteed to be worth the wait. But after such an awful scheduling implosion, how much of its original audience will the book retain?

Since the original audience almost certainly consists entirely of lunatics, I think the delay won't be any issue at all. I know I'm happy to buy it in Sept. instead of June. Whatever, as long as it's crazy and interesting.
ROTFLOL at the 1963 joke!

I agree with Dave: it's safe to say that none of the audience for the series is going to lose interest in seeing the conclusion just because it's been delayed a few months.
Yeah, if you've been in for 29, you're probably in for #30. But talk about killing the momentum.
I... I...

A Grant Morrison comic? 99.9% guaranteed?

To suck, you mean?



I'll go now.
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