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Thursday, June 22, 2006


Super Emotional

It's unavoidable. Next Wednesday night I will, at some point, cry into my Sour Patch Kids.

Then again, I've been known to cry at Disney cartoons. (Don't die, Beast! Belle loves you!)

This is a ghey test. You are ghey.
Yes. Whereas, anon, you are using slang so stupid and embarrassing that it was out of date before it was coined. Shall I talk to the hand?

My favorite definition of the word from the Urban Dictionary: "ghey: a way to call someone gay without meaning homosexual... often used by people who want to look cool or 1337. makes the user look lame and retarded. use this word at your own risk"

At any rate, if crying over Superman makes me ghey, I don't want to be straite.
I don't think anon meant the crying, it's the sour patch kids. And the 1337, whatever the hell that is.
Oh, that's different. The Sour Patch Kids do make me as quhere as a three dollar bill.
Sometimes you just have to bite back when disparaged by an idiot who hides behind anonymity.
Mommy Linda
P.S. I had to look up 1337 in the Urban Dictionary. It's my new fave phrase - "I'm sooo 1337."
If Sour Patch Kids mean you're ghey, I hate to think what my nonpareils say about me!
I think your nonpareils indicate that you are peerless.
Nonpareils are dainty little candies that say you like chocolate and sprinkles. Make of that what you will. ;)
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