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Tuesday, July 11, 2006



Over at the Treadmill, H has a wonderful post on every Batman/Wildcat team-up in the pages of The Brave and the Bold, as an add-on to his B&B index series.

It really goes way, way beyond the call of duty, (not that I'm complaining) describing each of the five issues in loving detail, excerpting Haney's most insane panels, ranking various aspects of the issues, such as 'Best Cat-O-Cycle Shot"--plus, I'm in there summing up the key ingredients for a perfect Brave and the Bold comic.

Wildcat was the guest-star in my first issue of B&B, which happened to be my first Batman comic, and he's always held a special place in the softest part of my head. He's kind of a low-key Wolverine, but who mercifully escaped ever being written by Chris Claremont. At any rate, the Wildcat B&Bs are worth tracking down, especially the Aparo issues.

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