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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Heath Ledger/Joker

Pardon the consecutive straight-up fanboy posts. It's my break from reading Irving Howe essays on the evils of mechanized mass culture as represented by comics, and articles on the subtle uses and meanings of word balloons in Asterix. Anyway:

Whatever else you could say, dude's certainly got the grin and the chin for the part. I'm sold.

Rent "A Knight's Tale", and "Brokeback Mountain" and you'll see how hot, and what a good actor Heath is!!!!!!!!!
This is good news. I have waiting breathlessly my entire life for a truly hot guy to play the Joker. Up until now only Sid Caesar has satisfied. In fact, for many years "only Sid Caeser satisfies" was my personal motto. I have it tattooed on my elbow.
Ceasar Romero?
Must be kind of embarrasing to have that tatooed on your elbow, considering.
Apparently you've never spent a night with Sid Caesar. PA-RA-DISE!
As a professional writer, are you at all chagrined for misspelling embarrassing and tattooed in one 13 word sentence?
Yes, especially considering they're both spelled that way on my Imogene Coca tattoo.
Holy crap! For a second I was worried somebody thinks *I* am a professional writer!

Now I am relieved but spent.

know thy lunch,

Sid Caesar would be a better Joker than Jack Nicholson.

I like the fanboy posts. The other stuff makes me feel stoopid.

Of course, that's not your problem. But still, I like the fanboy stuff.
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