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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


WRMC Vol. 5: A Visual Guide

Wow. I love the Saint Etienne track/video... Thanks for sticking that in among (well, above) the shirtless American rockers. ;) New European band to enjoy. Yes!
Explanation: Matt (one of the phantom contributors--although that describes me these days as well, based on my output) and I have been sending a bunch of our friends monthly compilations of the music we played back in our college radio days, 1989-1993. All of these videos are for songs included with the most recent mailing. Our tastes were, and are broader than shirtless rockers (well, Matt's are, anyway), but this is what I could find that matched up with the track lists.

As far as I know, Galaxie 500 rarely went shirtless.

Be warned that St. Etienne is perhaps not best represented by this track (although it's the only thing by them that I truly love.) This, their first single, features Moira Lambert on vocals, whereas the band's primary lead singer is Sarah Cracknell. The tune can be found on their 1992 debut album, Foxbase Alpha. They have released many other records since.
Thanks for the explanation. It's interesting to hear, anyway.

And I was joking about the shirtless rockers, not criticizing.

I have a weakness for music of UK origins and honestly, thank you for reminding me of that. New music to listen to, after all...
I like that. From here on out, I shall call myself "The Phantom Contributor."

I'll bet I could get a lucrative job supplying critical praise for movie ads promoting terrible films.
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