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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Gilly On Fire

I know Dave reads polemicist Steve Gilliard daily, but in case anyone else doesn't (Hi, Mom!), he really outdid himself today. An excerpt:
I'm tired of being bullshitted. Terrorists aren't coming here with nuclear weapons. They aren't going to set one off in Baltimore harbor, because no state, not even a Sadr-run Iraq, would permit such a basic threat to their national security. Osama isn't a threat to they US. You know, most of the stores near Ground Zero were killed by a lack of business, not Osama. People still shop there, still live there, life continues. Who the hell would let crazy people set them up for a nuclear cruise missile attack?

I'm tired of the cowardice masquerading as patriotism. Osama isn't coming to blow up your mall, not coming to poision your water or release a dirty bomb. Because they can't. They couldn't even make the liquid chemical bombs they wanted to. The American muslim community responded to 9/11 by enlisting in the military, not joining Al Qaeda. AQ gets the misfits like Adam Gahan, who was pissed off at his mom, and when Delta snaps him up, he will be blubbering like a small child who banged his knee.

Americans can do great things when asked. Bush has never asked. Not even to rebuild Ground Zero.

Bush wanted to remake the world, but never had the courage to say so. He uses fear to maintain his power because it is who he is, a man scared of the world. He is weak and thus must maintain power by the basest means possible.

But by doing so, he denied Americans the one thing they expected from him: a measure of justice. Not in of the dungeon or the gulag, but of the courtroom. And they have not gotten that. Not even Osama killed in a last stand with Delta troopers gunning him down. Just dungeons, gulags and the excuse that these pathetic men are so dangerous that not only did they have to be tortured like animals, but now he needs a kangaroo court to try and execute them in. As if his word should end the traditions Americans have died for.

Bush and Cheney do not trust the courts or Congress. They trust power and nothing else. Most of all, they do not trust the American people and that will be their downfall. They are not kings, but men elected by and accountable to the people. No matter how many laws they break or mud they toss, will that ever change. They rule as the weak rule, by fear, fiat and suspicion. And the weak will fail, because those who live in fear can never truly gain the trust and respect of those they attempt to lead.

That's a thing of beauty.

Because there are only so many blog-reading hours in the day, I usually rely on The Sideshow to point out the political content worth noting...but I'm glad you shared this link.
'rock n' roll made me want to burn and rob' !!! Where did you hear this? I've had the lyric in my head for ages, I had the song on a tape in my car but some scrote stole the car.... I don't care about the car but I would REALLY like to know where i can find a recording of the song / or details of who wote/performed said song etc..
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