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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Just To Be Clear

Scipio's Absorbascon is one of my favorite comic blogs. He seems to love all the same old DC comics that I do. His knowledge and understanding of the Golden Age are impressive. Many of his posts are among the smartest, most entertaining examples of comic book writing on the web.

This one, not so much.

Nonetheless, your comment "there are good reasons why we no longer permit aristocrats to deify themselves. But I don't blame Marx for that. I credit the Marx Brothers" earns you my lasting awe and envy.

I have nothing to add to that thread, as you've already said everything I would have liked to say.
I've been watching a lot of Marx Brothers lately with my boys. They raise anarchy to a "heroic ideal". (Indefinite pronoun intentional.) Abe laughs his three-year-old ass off every time Harpo is on screen. Horse Feathers in particular was a big hit at the Moore Odell house.
Agreed. The article seems to desire a return to elitist heroes and heroines... Give me more Peter Parker and Jack Knight!
Hey, nice blog. It's not what I was looking for, though. I'm interested in finding some info about gorillas forcing superheroes to wear diapers. Can you help me? Maybe this guy "no hassle loans" knows?
Uh oh. The spammers have landed. I was wondering how much longer you could go without enabling the verification word feature. But I was enjoying not having to type one in, too. Ah, well.

I suspect Scipio just thinks the male heroes looked better in elegant evening wear, actually. Nothing to back that up. As Powers Boothe says in EXTREME PREJUDICE -- just a feelin'.
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