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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Iraq? How Did That Happen?

Employing the classic "mistakes were made" passive voice, except of course, not one single mistake has ever been made:
Standing with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Bush said he and the nation's top military commanders had "a very candid and fruitful discussion about how to secure this country and about how to win a war that we now find ourselves in." (emphasis all mine)
A lot easier to say than "the war I insisted upon," or "the war I cynically lied us into," I suppose. This basic evasion of responsibility for the defining action of his entire life is worse than clueless. Far beyond denial. The man is an absolute monster, a moral coward of the highest order and lowest stripe. He's not gonna let his old man or his old man's friends bail him out or let his whole stupid back-stabbing country push him around, no sir. He'll announce his decis-i-katin' when he's durn good n' ready and not a second befur. So hey America, fuck you. What part of "commander-in-chief" don't you understand?

This, finally, is what you get when you elect Wilbur Van Snobbe from Little Lulu as your president. Ha; I say "finally" like Bush won't limbo exponentially lower over the next two years. And up until Inauguration Day 2009, columnists will undoubtedly continue asking, with sincere optimism, if Bush might have "learned his lesson", if he might, at last, be willing to reach out.

The answer is no, never. If he's fucked, you are too. That's how W. rolls.

It's nice to see an american realizing the damage that monkey has done to the world. Half the world thinks americans are pretty stupid, for electing that kind of president.
George, it's worth remembering that popular vote-wise, more than half of us voted against him in 2000, and it was just about that close again in 2004.
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