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Monday, March 26, 2007


One If By Land, Two If By C***.

Note: I had to post this preview image from Green Lantern #18 by feel, as I am now completely blind.

Is this:
A) what happens when you stare too long into the sun (or alternately, female genitalia lit up like a quasar)?
B) a hysterical reaction to the utter retardation of the above image?
C) both?

Either way, it's clear that DC is just messing with people at this point.

I totally want to read this story about nuclear crotches. What a great idea.

This weekend we were driving behind a guy with a sticker across the back of his car (very large) that said: I'm a Vaginatarian.

Stay classy San Diego.
It's not that Star Sapphire likes to do it with the lights on, it's that she has no other choice.
Good to see that Rick Veitch is finishing up the King Hell Heroica.

Oh, what? Never mind.
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