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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


A Sad Day

Over at the Washington Post web site, legal analyst Jeralyn Merritt began her live chat by proclaiming this a "sad day for I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby".

Yeah, that's definitely the lede. Not a good day for the justice system or the American people, but a sad day for a reprehensible convicted perjurer who, like his bosses, confused public service with the mob. It's like saying Nov. 22 1963 was a sad day for Lee Harvey Oswald. Libby intentionally derailed the legitimate case against the administration that the country deserved. His now proven criminal actions effectively killed our right to know.

Libby is like anybody who drives a Hummer; an asshole by default. There are no extenuating circumstances, no reasonable explanations, no room for sympathy. If you drive a Hummer or serve as Chief of Staff for Dick Cheney, you're a pigfucker, case closed. What's more, you know you're a pigfucker. You get off on being a pigfucker, and snicker about it with your pigfucker buddies as you drive around in your Hummers looking for pigs to fuck. "Hey, look at those fucking hippies way down there in their hybrid car giving us the finger! Roll down the window and dump our Arby's wrappers on them! John Edwards is a faggot!"

Libby's not noble, he's not the pitiable fall guy, not as Merritt has described him elsewhere merely "a messenger and employee" who unfortunately got caught in a political crossfire. He's a terrible American up to his neck in the crimes of his bosses. An utter piece of shit who positively decided to be where he is now.

Commentators have remarked on Libby's lack of reaction to the guilty verdicts. Well, of course. The outcome of the trial is basically irrelevant to him. If anything, the conviction just means the plan worked. This is a man who obstructed justice and committed perjury to shield Dick Cheney et al against charges of outing a deep cover CIA agent working on WMD in a despicable act of revenge meant to protect his insane war. Just because Darth Cheney is worse doesn't somehow redeem his water carrier. Feel sorry for his three kids? Not as sorry as they should feel for having a dad who decided to subvert justice out of loyalty to men who deserve none. Libby deserves more time in the joint than he'll ever see.

A sad day? It was a sad day when he decided to lie. Today is a goddamn party.

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