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Monday, April 23, 2007



Please stop using this word.


This applies to everyone. (Except leprechauns.)

In other news, not blogging is so awesome.

But... but... I like that word.
Well,okay, you're a leprechaun.
I call shenanigans on this post.
Was there a meeting I didn't get invited to within the last few months where everyone other than me agreed to use this word all the time? Were all of the people saying the word now using it prior to 2007 and I just didn't notice? I know that language viruses are odd things, but this strikes me as particularly weird. What next, everyone exclaiming "Begorah"?
There was an episode of South Park early in the show's run that used the word quite a bit - that might be as responsible as anything else for injecting it back into the lexicon.
But how will I be able to invite my coworkers to Shenanigan's for our weekly beer:30?
So you deny everyone juicy sweet coleness for a while, then you come back. Still no comments on Sounds of Silver. You're cruel to your fans.
I don't think I'm Irish enough to be a leprechaun. And I don't have the right sort of hat.

Hadn't noticed shenanigans everywhere, though, but maybe I'm not reading the right things. (It's still a fun word, and I promise not to, you know, abuse it.)

"Begorah" is a good idea, by the way. ;)
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