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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


On Radio Silence

I have had no notable opinions about anything since January 14th. This is for the best, considering the crushing oversupply of opinions.

I loved Matt Kindt's SuperSpy, but I haven't thought about it hard enough to articulate why. I'm supporting Obama for all of the same reasons as everyone else I know. I agree with everything I've read about the new R.E.M. album, both positive and negative. In the past few months I have finally caught up with, to my delight, the TV series Arrested Development, Jaime Hernandez's Maggie & Hopey stories, Scott Pilgrim and the Sly & the Family Stone CD reissues.

But mostly, I'm insanely impatient for the glacier currently covering Vermont to recede. I'm pretty sure there are a bunch of frozen blog posts buried in my backyard.

SuperSpy is definitely the BEST graphic novel of our era because it is so intuitive and the story panels carry the 'reader/viewer' smoothly through the meaning and deeper meanings with an 'articulation' that makes Matt the best graphic novelist of our time.
Any relation to the author?

I'm a sucker for complex, chopped up narratives that make the reader work to discern not only meaning but plot. So I was sold on SuperSpy starting with the basic structure. That sturcture allows Kindt to explore numerous tonal variations, from gadget-laden Bond pastiche to grim realism--and then interweave all of the various strands. Through it all the overt subject matter becomes a neat metaphor for more basic human relationships--certainly ground that's been covered before, but that doesn't take anything away from Kindt's achievement here. I'm not sure I'd put it up there with Maus, but it as certainly one of the most entertaining, ambitious comics I've read in the past couple of years.
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