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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Kirby Haiku Wednesday

just a ghoulish head
hanging there in the darkness
Madame Evil Eyes

glowing like hot flames
my stare can kill at full force
look, look at her eyes

consummate power,
master of the holocaust--
so devestating

eyes turned to the left
hear the rustle of linen:
tying of bed sheets

you think it's easy?
that chick gives me the whim-whams
they are not like us

Previous Editions:
August 17, 2005
Energy crackles
through cosmic machinery--
behold, Kirby dots

August 24, 2005
The Last Boy on Earth
raised in bunker “Command D”
outside, the beasts rule

August 31, 2005
all creatures fear the
Ultimate Nullifier—
even Galactus

September 7, 2005
the Mole Man’s challenge:
try to strike me with that pole
you are slow, clumsy

September 14, 2005
know this before death:
there is no escape, none, from
my Omega Beams

September 21, 2005
A.I.M.-bred, this Mental
Organism is Designed
Only for Killing

September 28, 2005
don’t you worry Steve
there’s time to reach Zemo’s bomb
“No, Bucky, look out!”

October 5, 2005
here, two lives collide
negative meets positive
This monster? This man.

October 12, 2005
their bellies empty,
Hunger Dogs feast on despair
in Armagetto

October 19, 2005
across this blue world
men fight, bleed and die to own
King Solomon’s Frog

November 9, 2005
"They airbrushed my face"
a lament shared by Mike Stipe
and the King's Kal-El

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